Composition – Triangles

Triangles in the composition of a photo, create structure and lead the eye through the photo to a junction with a composition line, either rule of thirds, or vertical or horizontal line. They can divide the photo into different points of interest, or can simply be the whole focus of the photo

The galahs in the featured image above are fighting over a perch on a dead tree , the branches of which form a triangle for them to bathe in the setting sun. The triangle of the branches dissects the image creating a left triangle, a right triangle and a large triangle in the centre of the top of the image and a small triangle is created at the centre of the bottom part of the image.


The claws of the red claw yabbie above form a triangle with the body, on both sides and above and below each claw. Even the major pincers on each claw are representing the triangle shape. Delicious to eat, we spent quite a few days gathering them from the pots in Lake Maraboon  at Emerald.


The bird sits on a dead branch which traverses the image from the lower left to the top right, leading the eye through the image and divides the image neatly into two triangles.


The valley of the mountains forms a triangle and divides the photo neatly into triangles. The mountain peak on the extreme left and the dominant block of mountain in the centre right of the image, form triangles on either side of the valley, with the trees creating the triangle formation, on either side of the photo,


This cute little squirrel sits in the fork of a tree, creating a triangle in the image.


The water of Carnarvon Creek in Carnarvon Gorge, forms a triangle through the lower part of the image. The grass on the left forground creates a triangle, breaking up the lower part of the image where the creek narrows over the rocks.

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