Composition – Horizontal lines

Landscape images are often showcases for horizontal lines in an image.


The image of Lake Cargelligo and reflections is made up of horizontal lines each mirroring the other.  The farther foreshore has a line of trees and the cliffs separating the sky and the lake water and the reeds form a horizontal line of foreground interest. In all we have four horizontal layers in the image


This pretty picture of salmon encrusted with a fresh fruit and vegetables salsa, forms a horizontal line across the plate. The hollandaise sauce shadows the line of the coloured salmon. A simple but elegant dish.

20925-_mg_2480The image of the Hubbard Glacier in Alaska is constructed with horizontal lines. The glacier fills the middle foreground, the ocean in front follows the line of the glacier and the darker cloud formation in the sky again shadows the horizontal line of the glacier. the lighter, lower cloud, cuts off the mountain peaks, thus forming another layer in the top centre of the image

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