904153559Hi pleased to meet you, my name is Therese and my significant other is Graeme, better known as Woolly. We are both in our sixties, but still have plenty of energy to live life, love people and enjoy what this wonderful world has to offer. We have two wonderful children, who are both married and have blessed us with five grandchildren, aged 12 to 2. We love them to bits and like to share a weekend with them.

A  professional wedding, portrait, landscape and children’s photographer for many years, I love everything about photography. I love taking photos, looking at great shots and appreciating fine art, laughing at crazy stupid images and generally appreciating a beautiful art form.  I started in the days of medium format film ( hey! a long time ago, I know), I taught myself by reading everything I could, practicing whenever I could and eventually I made a business from my hobby.

I have just retired from twenty years as a wedding photographer and videographer. Where I met some amazing brides, their husbands and guests and my motto was “What other job do your go to where you are going to a party every weekend.” Still now you will very rarely see me without a camera and I have now turned my attention to documenting our travels and sharing them through our blog, far’n’wide travel.

Now I want to share my knowledge and appreciate the journey that my experience allows others to take.

I wanted to give something back to this wonderful industry and decided the best way to achieve this goal was to offer tutorials and transfer my knowledge to those of you who are interested in what I have to give.

Above all have fun.



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