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Including People in your landscape photos  Including people in your landscape images, brings a personal touch to the image. You make the setting yours. The viewer gets a feeling that they also can be part of the particular scenery.


Composition – Horizontal lines  Landscape images are often showcases for horizontal lines in an image.


Triangles Triangles in the composition of a photo, create structure and lead the eye through the photo to a junction with a composition line, either rule of thirds, or vertical or horizontal line. They can divide the photo into different points of interest, or can simply be the whole focus of the photo


Leading Lines  Leading lines in an image, lead the viewer from a lower part of the image to a destination at the end of the lines.

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Foreground Interest  When photographing a scene that is far reaching, by including a subject that is much closer to the camera, it creates a sense of depth and magnitude and captures the eye of the viewer as soon as they look at the image. The eye then moves into the background subjects.


Rule of Thirds  The Rule of Thirds in the composition of an image creates interest, deletes boredom and adds life to an image.